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Mission And vision

SDG Society's mission is to contribute to the attainment of sustainability through forging evidence-based, innovative solutions to inform policy deliberation and action, to raise people’s awareness of the importance of sustainability, to facilitate collective action in and across sectors, and to foster stakeholder engagement. Specifically, we seek innovative solutions to the challenges set out by the 17 SDGs, where holistically they envision the well-being in 5Ps: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership. Attaining the SDGs and the well-being in 5Ps requires that we strengthen the 5 pillars of sustainability:

Integration – managing complementarity between socio-economic systems and the environment

Innovation – fostering inter-disciplinary and impactful innovation

Inclusiveness – attaining social inclusion and justice

Solidarity – building social capital in communities for problem-solving

Sustainable communities – building robustness and resilience in social and ecological systems To develop and enhance policy capacity for sustainability, our work focuses on generating and applying knowledge of the 5 levers of public policy:

Design of policy instruments – inducing socially-beneficial collective action through putting in place appropriate incentive structure and enabling measures • Public-private collaboration – facilitating cooperative efforts straddling sectoral divides

Agenda setting and advocacy – forging effective policy discourse and social choice

Policy assessment – gauging the impact of policy solutions and using the information to inform further policy improvement

Civic engagement – leveraging citizens’ effort for collective good The Policy for Sustainability Lab seeks to incubate building blocks that bring together these targets, attributes and policy levers to solve community problems by providing knowledge, research outputs and community outreach.